Body, Mind and Soul Treatments

Annasha Signature Crystal Facial

Escape to another world with our signature facial. Starting and finishing with a soothing sound treatment, you will enjoy a decadent arm and hand massage that leads up to the face. Using crystals and exquisite products to suit your needs.


Surrender to the deepest relaxation. Vibrational sound therapy that is coupled with our nurturing full body massage will transport you to another world. Retune your mind, body and spirit. Beautiful Peter Hess bowls are place on and around your body throughout the massage, bowls are gently tapped with a felt mallet to create calming harmonising sounds. This massage evokes deep relaxation, your innate healing and encourages well-being on all levels.


Originating in Japan, this ancient “hands on” healing technique uses transference of universal energy to enable the body to heal and rebalance itself- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Gentle pressure is applied to specific parts of the body to bring about healing and a deep sense of serenity.


Sound therapy has been used for centuries to create waves of energy that balances and calm the body, releasing anxiety and restoring natural equilibrium. Ancient Tibetan and “Crystal Singing Bowls” are some of the most powerful healing instruments of sacred sound. A harmonic response takes place between the sound and the body creating a calming, healing and balancing effect on all levels of your being and bringing about good health and inner peace.

More treatments coming soon.