Body Treatments at Annasha Day Spa

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The friendly and welcoming therapists at Annasha Day Spa Retreat  surely make it the best day spa in Perth, Kalamunda.  Instantly relaxed in their company, you can feel your everyday worries evaporate as you settle into the restful and serene environment.  You receive a personal consultation where the divine body treatments at Annasha Day Spa are sensitively tailored to your individual needs.  Such an exclusive experience gives you the best possible results and has to make this the best kept secret in the Hills!


Wrap yourself in a comfortingly soft gown, nestle your feet in comfy slippers and feel your anxieties melt away with each exquisite stage of your personalised treatment.  Choose exfoliation to gently renew the skin or dry brushing to reinvigorate the circulation and a soothing water therapy, to ease any tension in the body.  Then relax, enveloped in a luxurious body wrap whilst enjoying a calming head or face massage to relieve stress and anxiety.  To complete your treatment, a nourishing body cream is applied to hydrate and refresh the skin, giving you a naturally radiant glow.


Share your day with someone special in one of Annasha’s double rooms and experience together the cleansing sense of rejuvenation felt through your body treatment.