Complementing Treatments

Please upgrade your experience with a choice of treatments below. These treatments cannot be booked individually; however, they make a great addition to any of our spa services.

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Originating in Japan, this ancient “hands on” healing technique uses transference of universal energy to enable the body to heal and rebalance itself- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Gentle pressure is applied to specific parts of the body to bring about healing and a deep sense of serenity.


Sound therapy has been used for centuries to create waves of energy that balances and calm the body, releasing anxiety and restoring natural equilibrium. Ancient Tibetan and “Crystal Singing Bowls” are some of the most powerful healing instruments of sacred sound. A harmonic response takes place between the sound and the body creating a calming, healing and balancing effect on all levels of your being and bringing about good health and inner peace.


Enjoy a relaxing muscle soak in our deep Terrazzo stone bath, boosted by essential oils and natural mineral salts to ease tense muscles and detoxify the body. This is an ideal addition to the body treatments or any massage.

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30mins 80


Focusing entirely on the upper body, this one of our most popular and enjoyable massages. Relax as the tension in your neck and shoulders begins to melt away under the skilled hands of our therapists through a combination of pressure, technique and gentle stretching to release and rebalance the upper body.

Therapeutic Foot Massage

Based on reflexology techniques, this therapeutic foot massage helps the body to attain a state of balance and equilibrium. With the perfect combination of hot towel compressions, soothing massage movements and pressure to the feet, we enable the body system to release tension, stimulate circulation and awaken the body and mind to calm and selfheal.


An invigorating back exfoliation and a nourishing mask to refresh your back.

Refreshments and lounge time

Add unlimited herbal tea and a beautifully presented platter featuring fresh fruit and a sweet surprise.

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