Day Spa Products

At Annasha we pride ourselves on using only the finest products on our clients. Below are the brands that we know and trust to be the best products for you, your body and your soul.

Jessica Cosmetics - Product Logo
When it comes to natural nails, JESSICA Cosmetics is renowned as a world leader in caring for your nails. Loved by celebrities and manicurists for its quality and reputation, JESSICA provides a complete colour and treatment line that allows anyone to achieve healthy, beautiful nails the natural way.As Jessica Vartoughian, the company founder and CEO says “There is no substitute for the beauty of carefully cultivated natural nails. Start with the nail itself and develop a healthy foundation”.
Movie stars, models and VIPs regularly have their nails manicured at the renowned Jessica Clinic on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. JESSICA colour is iconic, indulgent and loved for its quality. Exclusively formulated to the highest standards and trusted by professionals worldwide.

Jessica Product

Skeyndor - Product Logo
For over 50 years SKEYNDOR has developed world first formulations with award
winning delivery systems and skin loving active ingredients, even suitable for sensitive skin.SKEYNDOR “Science Creates Beauty”, are the leaders in results-driven, cosmeceutical
skincare formulations. Made and developed in Spain with the help of 11 in-house
scientists with their own laboratory and manufacturing systems SKEYNDOR ensure
only the highest grade quality and ethically sourced ingredients go into their
products, which are not tested on animals.

Jessica Product

Sodashi - Product LogoSodashi is a Sanskrit word meaning wholeness, purity and radiance.

At Sodashi they seek to develop higher levels of consciousness and awareness – as individuals, as a company and towards our planet. Sodashi believe that our environment already exposes us to too many chemicals that stress both our bodies and minds, and therefore have created products that are consciously 100% chemical free.

Made using the highest quality plant essences and natural ingredients, sodashi products are based on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient philosophies and natural healing traditions. Sodashi products are for you – your skin, your body and your soul.

At Annasha we stock the full face and Hair range; Balance, Calm, Rejuvenate, Mankind and Everyface. We customise the range to suit your skin type.

Sodashi Product Range

Nelumbe_logoNelumbo is dedicated to creating skincare which is to be used and enjoyed.

Everything Nelumbo offer is plant based & naturally derived, absolutely cruelty free, affordable & easy to use and truly effective. They prefer to use certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients and work with small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Nelumbo do their best to source the highest quality that they can from around the world. Wherever possible they prefer to use certified organic materials and hope to work towards ACO certification in the years to come.

The name Nelumbo comes from the botanical name for the sacred lotus- nelumbo nucifera. These amazing flowers have been an inspiration across many cultures for a long time. They are a reminder that things can change quickly ( for the better or worse) but there is always the potential to rise up with grace and find beauty in the world.
Nelumbo Product Range

HyroPeptide - Product Logo

Active peptides with VLR technology, botanical stem cells and natural botanicals, work harmoniously to nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin. Winner of over 30 beauty awards to date.

Hydro Peptide is an industry leader in Peptide based anti-aging skin care products. People love Hydro Peptide because it really works. The innovative treatments Hydro Peptide offers significantly improve the look and feel of your skin and have shown to safely and naturally restore depleted collagen. Hydro Peptide anti-aging skin care products will actually make your skin feel healthier! How does Hydro Peptide help your skin? The secret is Peptides.

Peptides are microscopic protein fragments able to trigger changes in skin health at the cellular level. In fact, peptides are the only ingredients proven to directly stimulate new collagen growth. That means over time, the more often you treat your skin with Hydro Peptide, the more youthful your skin appears. It is almost like turning back the clock on your age. HydroPeptide skin care products are clinically proven to lessen the signs of aging, fast!

In 2004, HydroPeptide became the first skin care company to incorporate peptides into every anti aging skin care product. Currently, the HydroPeptide collection includes an industry leading 60 different peptides. It is this variety of anti aging skin care peptides that make our products so effective, yet gentle, safe, and soothing to use.

All HydroPeptide products are designed with anti aging skin care in mind, formulated for all skin types, are cruelty-free, paraben free, phthalate free and contain ECOCERT organic ingredients.

HydroPeptide - The Leaders in Anti-Aging Skincare