Head and Scalp Treatments At Annasha Day Spa

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The Annasha Day Spa in Gooseberry Hill has earned a reputation as the best kept secret in the Hills by offering a cleansing and healing experience unparalleled in the Perth area.  The best day spa treatments allow you to abandon the stress of everyday life and embrace a new, harmonious sense of wellbeing and balance.  In their head and scalp treatments, Annasha day spa therapists will use ancient massage techniques to ease tension in the head, neck and shoulders, freeing the mind and body from harmful anxiety.


Head and scalp treatments provide a feeling of intense physical and spiritual wellness that encompasses the whole body.  Annasha Day Spa uses products made with care to nourish and moisturise the often neglected skin on the scalp, revitalising your hair as well as alleviating stress.  Unwind whilst enjoying the Sodashi http://www.sodashi.com/  scalp therapy which encourages the flow of energy throughout your body, bask in the health benefits of the Ayurvedic pressure point massage which stimulates circulation and improves the wellness on a very deep level; experience the healing clarity of the Shirodhara technique where your forehead is gently bathed in warm, luxurious oil.


All the treatments will restore a sense of harmony and equilibrium to body, mind and spirit.  Escape to the Annasha Day Spa where your wellbeing is at the heart of an unforgettably peaceful experience.