Mum to Be at Annasha Day Spa

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Such a special time in a woman’s life calls for very special levels of care for both mother and baby.  A sanctuary of peace and tranquillity, Annasha’s is the best day spa Perth has to offer.  Mums-to-be can relax and allow their worries to be carried away in the serene and soothing environment created by the friendly and experienced therapists.


Hidden away in the peaceful hills of Kalamunda, Perth, the Annasha Day Spa offers treatments to ease the strain pregnancy places on your body.  Massage alleviates muscle pain and encourages a profound sense of calm by promoting both physical and emotional wellbeing.  Baby also responds to this deeply relaxed state, sensing your calmness and enjoying it along with you.  Your delicate skin is treated with pure, nourishing essential oils, replenishing its natural radiance and encouraging firmness and elasticity.  The mum-to-be foot heaven treatment devotes time to the stimulation of the feet, offering intense relief from the natural strains of pregnancy.


Feel your tension and anxiety evaporate and be replaced with peace and harmony whilst you enjoy the nurturing care Annasha gives, allowing you to focus on the bond with your baby. The gentle and nourishing Ayana Organic products used only enhance this experience of all our pregnancy treatments.