Petit and La Teen at Annasha Day Spa

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The Annasha Day Spa in Kalamunda offers a very special spa environment for children and teenagers.  Perfect for that special occasion or birthday celebration, the Petit and La Teen Spas allow the next generation to experience the best day spa in Perth in a setting uniquely suited to them.  At the Annasha Petit and La Teen Spas, mums can escape their busy worlds and make time to bond with their daughters.  Or friends can share the best kept secret in the Hills as the perfect birthday treat.


The Petit Spa is a relaxed environment where children aged 9 to 12 can enjoy a range of beauty treatments, including a specialised manicure, pedicure and facial, all aimed at their specific age group.  Calming tea and delicious cake are provided to enhance the overall experience and stimulate all the body’s senses.


At the La Teen Spa, teenagers aged 13 to 16 can experience beauty treatments specifically designed for the precise needs of their age group; the Goddess deep cleanse facial soothes sensitive young skin and promotes a clear complexion; the manicure and pedicure pamper the delicate hands and feet; and the gorgeous make-up lesson gives inspiration for their regular beauty routine.


All Petit and La Teen Spa clients must be accompanied by an adult during their visit to the spa.