Synergy Body Treatments

Our body treatment are carefully selected for their restoring, detoxifying and revitalising properties. For over 50years, Skeyndor skincare have developed this range of botanical and mineral therapy, using their properties, energy and vibration to neutralise physical tensions and restore balance, thus creating healing to the whole body. This is like a holiday for your body.

Sapphire Revitalising Body Treatment

Treatment with revitalising capacity, which is softening and soothing to the body, and improves the muscular system. Enriched with sapphire particles and relaxing properties, this treatment is beneficial for the physical, emotional and energetic field. Extremely beneficial for people who suffer from stress. This body treatment is accompanied by a placement of Chakra crystals on the body.

Hematite Restoring Body Treatment

This treatment is well-known for its regenerative properties and its ability to activate circulation, and accelerate wound healing. Hematite transmits the strength of the earth to the skin to reinforce the skin tissue, restoring radiance and skin tone.

This treatment is beneficial for the physical, magnetic and energetic field. This body treatment is accompanied by a placement of Chakra crystals on the body.

Detox Cure Body Treatment

Anti-oxidant treatment to eliminate liquid and toxins from the body. Promotes cellular respiration for skin affected by stress, fatigue and contamination. Green tea and citric fruit contain these detoxifying and purifying properties that promote liquid drainage and elimination of toxins, improving the metabolism and fighting free-radicals. Strengthens the immune system, remarkable stimulator with anti-oxidant properties, fights free-radicals, rejuvenates skin, balances and decreases degradation of collagen and elastin.